The purpose of the Healing Center is to minister God's healing power through prayer to anyone suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally, no matter what the cause or the severity of the condition might be.

The Tuscaloosa Prayer & Healing Center provides an accepting, loving, safe, and confidential environment where you can come to receive healing prayer from a team of dedicated Christians who are called, compassionate and trained for this purpose. We believe that it is always God's will to experience positive change from an encounter with His Presence. We pray for healing supporting that belief.











What We Believe About Divine Healing

  1.  We believe that it is the will, design and active strategy of God to always heal every person with any sickness, disease, injury or pain in any situation.

 2.  We believe that divine healing is a Bible-ordained right and grace for every born-again Christian, paid in full and in advance by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

3.  God is kind even to the ungrateful, the evil and the selfish. Everyone. We believe that healing is offered by Him to everyone all the time to demonstrate His absolute goodness to mankind.

  4.  We believe that sickness, disease, malady, pain, discomfort and limitation of every kind in both the body and soulish realms have their root and origin in the enemy of mankind—satan.

 5.  We believe that every limitation, hindrance and delay of divine healing to the sick is ultimately the work of the enemy and never God withholding His goodness and mercy.

  6.  We believe that the enemy of all men, even with his demonic allies, are never a serious hindrance to receiving healing, no matter how grave or advanced the condition may seem, and can be overcome by any Christian using the multiple tools and weapons available in God.

  7.  We believe that all divine healing comes through somebody on earth releasing specific faith—either for oneself or by someone else for them. Daring heaven by saying, if God wants to heal me, He knows where I am is tempting Christ, denying pleasure and glory to God and feigning the faith transaction necessary to spiritually move anything on earth. Success is living the Bible way.

  8.  We believe that ministering divine healing to the sick is the responsibility, duty and calling of every Christian.

 9.  We believe that God has given special gifts for healing to certain people to help the sick at various times according to the will and work of Holy Spirit.

 10.  We believe that any Christian, having no specialized healing gift from heaven, can dominate any and all sickness, disease and trouble on any day by exercising his faith and kingdom authority according to the Word of God.

  11.  We believe that both Christians and non-Christians alike, when having no personal faith for their own supernatural recovery, can be completely healed through Christians who are able to exercise their kingdom authority in their behalf.

  12.  We believe that victory over the devil and his troubles can only be gained by using Bible-proven spiritual weapons. Religious substitutes and imitations devised by natural and carnal men are useless and always promote a pseudo-gospel that does not work.

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