The Authority of the Bible

  • •The Bible is absolutely God-inspired, and is to be the authoritative and final rule of every area
    of the life and practice of all Christians
  • •The Old Testament was the type and shadow of better things to come through a better covenant which has been ratified by the sinless blood of Jesus
  • •The New Testament is that perfect covenant, the exact expression of God’s will and character demonstrated through Jesus Christ
  • •The Gospels reveal the love behind God’s plan of redemption for all men.
  • •The Epistles reveal the born again man, who he is, what he has and what he can do.
  • •The Bible is alive and is the end of all things. It is God’s Word and equal to Him.

PSALM 138:2 ; MATTHEW 5:19 & 19:17; JOHN 10:35B; 2 TIMOTHY 3:16&17; HEBREWS 1:1—3 & ; 4:12; 1JOHN 2:3&4

The Eternal Godhead

  • •God is Triune: Therefore Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equally Divine, equally deity, distinguishable but indivisible.

MATTHEW 1:20-25 & 28:19; JOHN 14:12-2; CORINTHIANS 13:14; 1JOHN 5:7

Man & Original Purpose

  • •Man was created in the image of God and that his purpose was to have relationship and fellowship while exercising dominion over all the works of God’s hands.

GENESIS 1:26; MATTHEW 18:18 & 28:19; LUKE 10:19; 1JOHN 4:17

Spirit Beings

  • •There is a literal devil.
  • •He is the adversary of God and man.
  • •There are spirit beings known as demons and angels.

MATTHEW 8:16; MARK 16:17; HEBREWS 1:7 & 13&14; 1PETER 5:8

Fall of Man

  • •By voluntary disobedience man fell from perfection.



  • •While they were yet sinners Christ died for all men.
  • •Man, having no righteousness of his own is without hope and totally lost.
  • •All who believe in and receive Jesus as Lord are instantly justified by him and become the righteousness of God in him.

JOHN 3:16;ROMANS 5:8 & 10:9&10; 2CORINTHIANS 5:21; EPHESIANS 2:8


  • •The sin problem has been totally dealt with by Jesus’ death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection from the dead.
  • •Man’s sin was on that cross. It died.
  • •The new man free from sin was made alive in Christ’s victory over sin and death.
  • •Sin has been judged by the blood of Jesus and is no longer imputed unto the man that is in Christ.
  • •When born again Christians sin, they have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, which at the confession of their sin, cleanses them of all unrighteousness.

ROMANS 4:8 & 6:14; 1 JOHN 1:9-2:1

Holy Spirit Empowerment

  • •The Baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers believers to live a life pleasing unto God
  • •It infuses them to be a indisputable witness to do the works of Christ, and to meet the needs of all humanity in Him.

JOHN 14:12 & 16:7-16; ACTS 1:8 & 2:1-4 & 8:14-17 & 10:44-46; GALATIANS 3:14

The administration, operation and manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit

  • •Exactly as they were demonstrated in the early church, they are to back up the believer acting on the Word in faith.


Healing In the Atonement

  • •Divine Healing is the power of God to heal the sick and weak.
  • •Healing and restoration for sickness, disease, injury and pain was totally purchased for us in the atoning work of Jesus.
  • •It is God’s will for every Christian to minister healing to anyone at any time and for every man to receive healing for every need in soul and body.

PSALM 103:2; ISAIAH 53:4; MATTHEW 8:16-17; JOHN 14:12; 1PETER 2:24

The Church—Which is His Body

  • •The church (on earth) is comprised of all in whom the Spirit of Christ dwells.
  • •The church is the body of Christ upon the earth and is to continually, by faith, grow up into Him in all things.

ROMANS 8:9; EPHESIANS 1:23 & 4:12-16

The Ministry of the Members of the body of Christ

  • •God has placed people in the body of Christ as it has pleased Him and grace them to function in supernatural Bible offices to lead and equip the saints in its mission on earth

EPHESIANS 4:11-15; ACTS 20:28; 1PETER 5:1-3


  • •There is a reckoning in the kingdom of God, for reward for obedience and separation from the life of God for the rebellious.
  • •Because the judgment of God for sin, disobedience and rebellion was passed unto Jesus when he became sin on the cross, the age of Grace means that God is not meting out judgment to anyone at this time.
  • •Judgment for blessing and destruction in the earth is not from heaven, but comes by man’s reaction to the natural laws of seedtime and harvest, words spoken and deeds done.
  • •There is yet a day of final Judgment, but it is not revealed in this life, which is God’s day of grace for all men to make Jesus their Lord.

JOHN 5:22 & 12:47 & 48; ACTS 17:30-31; 1CORINTHIANS 6:2; 2 CORINTHIANS 5:21

Faith Towards God

  • •Born again Christians are to have faith towards God based upon His promises revealed in the Bible, His Word, which is the expression of the character and integrity of His being.
  • •Born again Christians are to believe that God has always and will forever continue to perform His Word according to His own righteousness.

MARK 11:22 & 23; 2TIMOTHY 2:13; HEBREWS 6:1 & 11:11

The Kingdom of God

  • •Born again believers have been recreated into the image and ability of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • •The Kingdom of God is what Jesus taught, preached and demonstrated.
  • •Christians are commanded and empowered to continue His ministry as He did and with His results. The Holy Spirit is the enabler of this power.
  • •The Word of God is the example and pattern.

MATTHEW 25:19-23; MARK 1:15; LUKE 4:43 & 9:60-10:11; ACTS 8:12 & 19:8 & 20:25 1CORINTHIANS 4:20; 2THESSALONIANS 1:5;1JOHN 4:17

The Christian Commission

  • •The New Birth empowers believers to live a supernatural life on earth by faith.
  • •This includes abounding in a life that loves God in thought, deed and expression and to love all men as God loves themselves.
  • •This is accomplished by making Jesus the Lord and King of their life. The demonstration of this is by keeping the Word of God from the heart, making disciples of the Lord Jesus and demonstrating His life daily.

MATTHEW 7:11-29 & 28:18-20