What About Healing in the Bible?

Tuscaloosa Prayer & Healing Center is part of a century’s-old renewal of healing promises and prayer methods found in the Bible and demonstrated by Jesus and his apostles and disciples. Healing has always been revealed in the Bible as God’s express will. It was lost for centuries to the worldwide church, but began to reappear in America and Europe in the late 1900’s. Old religious traditions denying the power of God began to be pushed aside. Doctrines of cessation-ism [something has supposedly ceased, as in divine healing] were being refuted by reports of whole crusades claiming hundreds and even thousands of hopelessly diseased and lame people receiving divine physical healing in a moment of time and in a public place. Doctors were verifying what God was again doing. Bold Bible teachers worldwide began to appear, saying that, according to the Scriptures, God had never ceased loving mankind unto healing, only that men had quit believing unto receiving. When people began to call on God, He answered. Suddenly, healing revivals broke out all over the world.

Who started Healing Rooms/ Healing Centers?

Healing Rooms was a term used by the modern pioneer in divine healing, John Graham Lake. He was born in Canada in 1870. He was compelled to leave his successful insurance business to preach the gospel. His ministry in Africa resulted in over One million converts, founding over 600 churches and raising up 1,200 national ministers. He was only there five years, returning to America in 1913.

His studies and experience in Africa had given him dramatic results in praying for the sick. It was not hit and miss as in the American church. And it was not according to the faith level of those needing prayer, a common excuse for believers failing to be changed. It was based on what the one praying for the sick believed. And John Lake believed! In Spokane, he rented a floor in an office building and trained sixteen helpers he called Divine Healing Technicians. Now they believed! In just five years, the Lake team documented 100,000 amazing and verifiable miracles of healing in that city. One hospital in the city closed because their case load dropped to unprofitable levels. The U.S. government declared Spokane, Washington to be the healthiest city in the world while he was there.

Are Healing Centers praying according to the Bible? My church prays. Why doesn’t God answer them?

The methods of John G. Lake were the carefully studied methods of Jesus. These technicians were not just asking God to help. They were asking Him what would work and He would reveal it. Healing Rooms and Healing Centers are new to many today, but the Lord Jesus set the pattern in His earthly ministry and the Apostles recorded what He did and said for all to see and know in the gospels. The results are verifiable and duplicatable.

Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. MATTHEW 18:18 Amplified Bible

God wants to work through people. Yet, because of men's agendas and competition, He is often limited in what He can do by people on earth. Yet, when He can teach followers what to do and give Him the glory, He is limitless in what He can do with and for people on earth. So, it depends on the people, not on God. If a man will bind the devil on earth, heaven will back him up. If a woman will loose the healing life of God by her own faith-filled words and the laying on of her hands on the sick, Jesus will back her up. Every time. So, the Bible tells us that a man’s success is in how he reacts to the work of the cross and the commands of Jesus to do Heaven's good on earth. The Lord has done the legal to establish the covenant of grace and give man authority over the devil. After the cross, He went to Heaven. But mankind is on earth where the need is great and the power is greater than the troubles. He, through the authority of the name of Jesus, does the work of the ministry that is backed up by heaven.