Our family was going shopping on a Saturday morning at Lowe’s. As we approached the entrance we saw a lady outside walking with a cane. She was walking slowly, holding her back as if in pain. We approached her and asked her what was hurting. She said her ankle, knee, and back were giving her pain. We asked if we could pray for her. We released our faith for her to be totally healed right then. After we prayed, she said the pain was all gone. She walked away carrying her cane in her hand, not even using it for support!!


We saw a man walking with a stiff leg in a store. We approached him and asked what was wrong. He said he had had a stroke and had lost the movement of that leg and the grip of his hand. He allowed us to pray for him and he agreed with our prayer by saying, It is so! Suddenly he began to rejoice and pick up his end of the shopping cart. There was an obvious improvement in his hand and he told us that he was going home to take off his leg brace and see if he could dance!


We were attending a birthday party out of town. On the way, we took time to visit my great uncle that lives nearby. I had not seen him in years. That day, we met his daughter for the first time. During the visit she told us that she loved to quilt but couldn’t anymore because her thumb joint no longer functioned from years of mechanical work. She said that if she uses her thumb in that way, it turns blue. She showed it to us and it was indeed blue. We asked if we could pray for her to be recovered. She said that she didn’t think God could rebuild joints but since there was nothing to lose, she agreed to let us pray. As we prayed for her healing in Jesus’ name, she seemed very peaceful. Suddenly, she looked at her hand and declared, it’s less blue! She kept looking at it and rubbing her hand saying, I can’t believe it, but it’s less blue!~


I felt Holy Spirit prompt me about two ladies that I saw while shopping at Target. So, I approached them and asked them if they needed prayer for anything. One said yes because she had a tooth ache right then and had been experiencing high blood pressure for years. So, I prayed for her on the spot. The tooth pain is gone right now, she told me. Well, I believe that the power of God that took that pain away also caused her blood pressure to be returned to normal too!


We was checking out at a store. I asked our cashier if she needed prayer for anything. She thought a moment and told us that she had some decisions she had to make. I then asked her if she had any pain in her body. She told us she had pulled a muscle in her back and it was sore. I prayed for her to have wisdom in her upcoming decisions. Then, I prayed for healing in her back. At the amen of that prayer, I asked her to test out her back to see if the pain was still there. She said that it was feeling HOT right then and that the pain was completely gone! She was so surprised.


While parking at Walmart, Holy Spirit made me aware of a lady walking into the store. She was walking a little stiff as if she had pain in her back. I knew then that if I saw her in the store I was to pray for her. Sure enough, there she was on the mouthwash aisle. I started a conversation and then asked her if her back was hurting. She had a shocked look on her face and said, yes. I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed to let me if only I did not touch her. I knew that not touching her was not a problem for God, so I agreed to pray but not touch. Instead, I pointed at her back and commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave, for her back to be healed, and for the pain to completely leave. When I was finished, I asked her to test it out and move around to see if it was now different. She was so surprised that the pain was gone. We talked. She was already a Christian, she said. So then, I explained that Jesus had purchased her healing in the atonement when He bought her freedom from sin and hell. She had never heard that before, but she knew something good had happened right then. She walked away almost speechless, saying under her breath—the Pain is really Gone.


My wife and I were visiting my sister Joyce. She showed us that along the inside of her right hand was a large, swollen and painful lump. She told us that her doctor had diagnosed it as rheumatoid arthritis. Later, we left to go home and suddenly realized that we had totally forgotten to pray for her hand. Although it was already late, we turned around and came back. After we prayed for her, I asked my sister what was now going on with her hand. She said only that it was tingling and felt warm. The next day we received a photo from her of her hand and the lump was completely gone!


In 2013, my father was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a condition that can lead to blindness. My mother called me and asked if we could pray in such a way that my father would be healed. So, over the phone, we agreed to stand against this terrible diagnosis and together we ordered it to leave my dad's body, in Jesus’ name. In prayer, two is better than one! With no visible change in his condition, we then thanked God for backing us up in our faith decree. A few months ago, he had his annual eye exam and the doctor could not find any trace of this disease in his eyes. He has had two annual checkups since then and he has been totally clear both times. Praise God! He is sooo good!


Several years ago, I took a stand against arthritis when my little finger started being in pain. I released my faith for it and the trouble left. Then, a few years later, my index finger would hurt and I knew that I would have to refuse it just like the other or I would have trouble that I didn't want or deserve. Sure enough, when I did, it left for good. Then recently, just in the last few months, I noticed a traveling pain in that same hand. It would ache in different parts on different days and I also noticed a general weakness in that whole hand as well. That had never happened. I began to take authority over it but the condition seemed to persist. Last Sunday in the middle of the service, Pastor had a word of knowledge about someone with pain in their hand. I knew that the Holy Spirit was helping me drive out the thief of disease that had come time and again to steal my hand health. I received healing ministry right then to settle this. and now, over a week later, I am still absolutely pain-free in my hand and all of my fingers.


In a church service, a word of knowledge was called out for someone with ringing in their ears. I had been bothered by this since childhood and I am now in my fifties. A Healing Team member spoke to the condition in my ears and suddenly the ringing was GONE! When the church office called me the next week to check on my progress, I told them that I had completely forgotten all about it. I hadn't even thought about it since that morning when the Lord healed me because it had never returned at all. I am completely healed. Glory to Jesus!

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